So this is how we started…


So today’s Johns turn to tell a story…
…still remember the day I first met Maimai…
「Hey puppy~ Are ya hungry?」like you would, I asked Maimai the same question.
「Is that a hamburger on your hand?」Miami wondered, and he’s so hungry…
「You don’t seem to be a street dog, where do you came from?」
…right, like a dog as he is, could actually answer me…
「Are you gonna give me that food and take me home?」I can still remember the glowing in his eyes hypnotises me to take him home.
He was dirty, skinny, looking all tired, and yet still a very friendly kido as he played the routine “sit down”, “shake hand”, “switch hands” with me; and so I got a furry little life partner ever since.


「Do I look like a lion?」you just gotta love his smile wearing this costume!
That was his first costume that I bought for him and boy he could not stop loving the sensation of wavy hairs around his head pretending like a lion…lol

I thank God sending me this little angel.

I often curious about how other people got to meet with their pet, there should be many stories to tell…


Happy Monday

t r v

Had the whole weekend out to the beach, you gotta love the water and the waves!

My Monday isn’t blue, what about yours?

Works works works, looks like a busy week ahead of us.

Happy Monday, guys~

Hello World!


I’ve always admire the Japanese comic artist “Inoue Takehiko” and all of his works. Also I’ve been wanting to be an artist just like him… A while back then I planned to record those treasure moments of me and my dog Maimai the golden retriever, but eventually got caught up with too much works, too little time… This time I’m doing it! I’m going to do it! No more procrastinating or lazy butt. Here’s the first sketch out of my comic, hope you’ll like it. We are John and Maimai the golden retriever, we gonna start small to grow bigger!