Let’s all give some love to the hard working mailmen!


Statistically shown in an average of 500 mailmen per year was bitten by house dogs here in Taiwan.

I know, shocking and yet truthfully.

Sadly in most cases, our furry kids was trying their best job guarding the premises or masters belongings,

However mailmen to them is more like an intruder.

In furry kids defensive mode, attack~

Let’s all train our furry kids well and behave, to help hard working mailmen complete their jobs.

Mailmen are innocent, unlike untrained dogs in which is totally quite the opposite…LOL

We all know when we’re away what they would be up to in the house…

If you love your furry kids, train them, and keep them away from the mailmen, because we’re all civilised people; aren’t we?

Yeah! We love mailmen!…Maimai’s mumbling…@#$#$^%&


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