Hello Dai~


Here’s the little buddy new comer to our family this week…

Was crushed motor scooters wheel and left alone on the street, after necessary treatments, shots, with no operation needed, he’s now recovering with us and perhaps his back legs won’t be able to walk again…

Buy hey, I do have couple of remote cars that I could reconstruct it into furious wheels for Dai, it’s gonna be awesome~


Shocking service dog news!

Shocking news of a distracted service dog, guided owner fell off the platform in a subway station, luckily the owner was rescued by surrounding pedestrians immediately, an only suffers from minor braces and skin scratches…it happened, and news reported here in Taipei, Taiwan.

(Subway here in Taiwan, is called MRT system.)

If you can see my post, please share it!


Sleepy Head

Working at night is nothing, but working all night is something… This must been the longest 24 hours that I’ve ever worked, guess I’m not young any more…lol

Maimai’s sleeping alright…zzz

Feeling sleepy…finally done, not much to share today, NIGHT guys~



My TV dinner’s never the same any more…not after I got these furry kids…


What will you do if having the TV dinner meaning to be stared at by 6 eyes on your food and 3 drooling furry kids watching you…

Aaah~ The guilt! Is never bigger when this happens…

…(believe me, sometimes play hide and seek when having their favourite food is the best way to get away with it…

My lovely furry kids, they just don’t understand why can’t they have the fried crispy pork chop and braised chicken drum sticks…

Sometimes I kind of miss my TV dinner, those good old days when I get to eat, watch TV and NOT feeling guilty about it…XD